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The idea of this project was born during the lockdown period in Italy because of the Covid-19 pandemic. During that period, there was literally an explosion of fake news also by official news channels, probably caused also by the different opinions of scientists about Covid-19 over mass media.

A very important responsibility can be associated to Internet in general, from fake news web sites to Social Networks.

Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web together with Robert Cailliau), said the following words during the Happy Birthday Web event, in Rome on 5th of november 2011:

[...] we have to start speaking about right to access to the Web and the right to not to be spied on. Internet must remain gratis, open and neutral.
Today this statement should be reviewed because of the functional illiteracy and due to the disinformation.

Today lot and lot of people, also belonging to an high social class, and having very high culture level, starts to be convinced and involved from rumors, conspiracy theories and fake news. The knowledge whenever distributed to people without the right background to understand it, becomes a double edge weapon. If the television in the past helped to increase the literacy rate in Italy, today Internet is working in the other way around, because of the entropy on the information available in it. [D. Di Pierro]

Today, in 2020, we are helplessly witnessing a new Tower of Babel.

The provocative proposal - but not so much - is therefore to institute a license that allows access to the Internet no longer to everyone without distinction but only to those who are able to demonstrate, perhaps by taking an exam, to be able to discern true news from a fake news or a real scientific publication from a blog article without credibility.

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