Gestural Recorder

Ing. Donato Di Pierro

Project type: Software System

Technologies: Java (IDE NetBeans), C (Code::Blocks), Matlab

“Gestural Recorder” software, was born to increase the existing functionalities of an existing software product (VideoProject) to support research's activities about the meaning of the human gestures used to communicate. The need was to develop a new tool to collect a lot of data regarding the description of the human gestures in an automated way.


“Gestual Recorder” analyzes a video file with "Indeo" codec (choosen between other codecs due to his simplicity and because it was optimal compressor of video data), and automatically identifies a coloured region of the space following its movements frame by frame. All the informations returned were stored in a txt file and for each frame coordinates were available.

Business Context

This software is for researchers in communication and human-machine interaction, so normally users not strictly related with Information and Communication Technologies.

Notice: requests about the source code of the project will not be processed, nor the complete project work.

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