Project type: Software product line

Technologies: Java (IDE NetBeans), HTML, SQL

Estimo2 software was born to extend the existing functionalities of a software product (Estimo, Infosys s.r.l.) to support the activities to perform estate's estimation making possible the connection with some DBMS. The estate's estimation is to build a monetary judgment value around a given commodity, referred to a right moment. The need to develop a software product line starts from a lot of market requirements, from a tool to manage the appraisals to the support given to write the related report.


Estimo2 manages a database of the properties on which the user wants to give a market estimation. For each property a lot of parameters are specified and for each parameter there is a definition depends on the method used to give the estimation. The software product line makes Estimo2 a diversified software offer: a base product contains the needed functionalities to manage the estate's estimation, while more complete products allows the user to write the report using the integrated text editor and other functionalities needed to increase the user's experience.

Business Context

The software product line is aimed to professionals of the property market, they can be company or experts working on that market.


Selected as the best case study during academic year 2004-2005 from Infosys s.r.l.


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