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Ing. Donato Di Pierro

   Judo Tecnico Lite

Free mobile app built starting from the italian book "Judo Tecnico - Un percorso formativo dalla pratica all'insegnamento".
Short Judo's history, analysis of the Go-Kyo (Nage Waza) techniques, Ne-Waza techniques classification, Judo Kata and a short dictionary of the main terms adopted in judo.

Version 1.0 published on: 28th of February 2015
Free app available on Google Play Store.


Calculation of prime numbers with the sieve algorithm of Eratosthenes.
The following 3 functions are offered by the app concerning prime numbers:
Factorization: it is possible to evaluate if a given number in the range from 0 to 999.999.999 is a prime number or a composed one and, if the latest case, to calculate prime factors of the composed number;
Interval: enables the user to find all the prime numbers in a given interval;
Neighbor prime numbers: evaluates the prime numbers immediately major or equal and minor or equal to the given one.

Version 1.0 published on: 20th of October 2013
Free app available on Google Play Store.


App for jokyng that implements the quit function.

Version 1.0 published on: 15th of March 2013
Free app available on Google Play Store.

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