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Entitled to: planning, design, development, construction management, estimating, testing and management of electronic equipment and systems, and automation of generation, transmission and processing of information.

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I was born in Trani (Italy) in 1980. I have a Master's Degree in Information and Communication Technology Engineering and I'm enabled to practice Engineering Profession. Actually I'm a Quality Assurance Engineer in Objectway Financial Software S.p.A. in Bari. My work consists in planning, developing, writing and executing the testcases for Microsoft Silverlight and .NET applications, and building automated testing to identify regressions in new software releases.

[2011] Master's Degree

I was graduated in Information and Communication Technology Engineering on december 2011 discussing my thesis' work in Systems for Automated Designing, entitled "Computer Vision: Towards an Automated Recognition of Communicative Gestures".

[2011-12] Passion for Research

Due to the results obtained with my thesis' work in conjunction with my interests towards the Scientific Research, I partecipated to the competition for the PhD in Electrical and Information Technology Engineering, XXVII cycle, at Politecnico di Bari in 2012. I was in the ranking list but I didn't won the scholarship. In the period of time between the Master's Degree and the competition, I was working in collaboration with Professor Mario Refice, to continue my research work about gesture automated identification.

[2012] Milan: Stage in Mobile Test Area

On May 2012, I started a Stage in DS Group S.p.A. in Milan, working in Mobile Test Area. The training period was finalized to learn methodologies and procedures of software testing to guarantee the right software quality standards focusing on the software that was produced by DS Group itself. These software were developed for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Operating Systems. Web Applications' and Client-Server Applications' testing was also part of my work. Due to the rapid progress, the stage was stopped early, then I started working in DS Group with a collaboration contract in October 2012.

[2013] Milan: Test Engineer and 2nd level customer's support

On 2013 I continued working in DS Group S.p.A. in Test and Quality Assurance Area, but at the same time, I was in 2nd level for customer's support to manage issues and change requirements with the customer itself. During that period I worked on a lot of projects for a lot of customers and I partecipated to the Acceptance Tests sessions.
Most important customers were: NTV S.p.A., Sigma-Tau S.p.A., Cellularline S.p.A., San Pellegrino S.p.A, Calzedonia S.p.A., Luxottica S.p.A.

[2013] Enrollment to Engineer's Professional Register

In November 2013 I was enabled to practice the free profession of Engineer, passing the exam in Politecnico di Bari. I am entitled to: planning, design, development, construction management, estimating, testing and management of electronic equipment and systems, and automation of generation, transmission and processing of information. I am registered to the Professional Register for Engineers to the "Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Barletta - Andria - Trani" and I am Senior Engineer in Section A - C Sector, registration number 1203.

[2014] Mechelen (Belgium) and Bari: Quality Assurance Engineer

On 7th of January 2014 I started working in Objectway S.p.A. with a wonderful working experience in the Belgium Office in Mechelen for 3 months, finalized to the training and alignment with the activities developed in that office. On 21th of March in 2014 I come back to Italy, and I live again in the city were I was born: Trani. Indeed actually I work in the office in Bari for the same company, Financial Software area. What I really love in my work is the AGILE methodology and the needed use and knownledge of the english language in collaboration with the Belgium Office.

[2016] ISTQB Foundation Certification Exam (CTFL)

On 19th of February 2016 in Rome I've successfully passed the Certification Exam for the "Foundation Level", in accordance with the ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus version 2011.
Certificate number: 16_1978.

[2018] Mola di Bari (BA): Software Test Developer

On 26th of July 2018 I arrived in Sitael S.p.A., with a great team in IoT office, and a new adventure started for me, projected into the future, in a very exciting sector where my role is Software Test Developer, executing activities on systems oriented to E-Mobility and Transportation applications. Since april 16th, 2019 I am Software Test Line Manager for IoT and my main activities are about estimation, test strategy definition, monitoring and controlling of the software test activities.

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