Quality Assurance

My career path has developed into what initially looked like a branch of niche in the production of software, but that is proving every day more and more important help to the production of high-quality and bug-free software, essential requirement in order to stand out in a highly competitive and global market.

The analysis, design and implementation of test-plan within specifications IEEE829-98, are my main strength. In recent years I have also dealt with the test sessions at the customer (Acceptance Test), interacting with each other heterogeneous systems (mobile devices, server systems, client systems, POS systems) and databases is based on MS SQL Server, both SAP systems. I am able to work according to different methodologies for software development, including Waterfall and Agile Scrum.

Applications domain

  • Sales Force Automation (sales management products and tracking activities of the department of commercial companies)
  • Mobile Work Force (support for business activities in the transport sector)
  • Advanced Sales System (management of product distribution and tracking of logistics companies)
  • Finalcial Portfolio managing systems and linked activities
  • Management systems of technical expertise for freelancers

Test & Quality Assurance Activities

  • Functional Tests
  • Performance Test
  • Usability Test
  • Crash Test
  • Regression Tests (manual and automated)
  • Boundary value testing
  • Acceptance test

Software Testing Tools

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012
  • Mantis
  • TestLink
  • Android SDK Tools
  • iphoneConfiguration Utility
  • Selenium IDE
  • adb Monkey
  • Badboy
  • Robotium (Eclipse environment, using Java)
  • IETester
  • Microsoft Excel