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Ing. Donato Di Pierro

   Judo App

This app was born starting from the book I wrote, titled "Judo Tecnico - Un percorso formativo dalla pratica all'insegnamento".
History of Judo, Go-Kyo techniques, classification of Ne Waza techniques, Judo Kata and a little Glossary of Judo.

Rev 1.0: Published on 28th February 2015
Free app on Google Play Store.


Calculation of prime numbers using the algorithm of the sieve of Eratosthenes.
Prime is an application that implements three different functions about prime numbers:
Factorization: using this function it's possible to evaluate the primality of a given integer including from 0 to 999,999,999, and to calculate its scomposition in prime factors if the given number is composite;
Interval Prime: returns all prime numbers included in a given interval between two integer values;
Nearest Prime: returns the nearest prime numbers that define an interval in which the given number is included.

Rev 1.0: Published on 20th October 2013
Free app on Google Play Store.


App that implements the "quit" function.

Rev 1.0: Published on 15th March 2013
Free app on Google Play Store.

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